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Greengrow Capitals medical cannabis cultivation facility at El Passo Farms has now been awarded full GMP certification by the South AfricanHealth Products Authority (SAHPRA). GMP certification allows the facility to now not only cultivate cannabis as dried flower and biomass for further manufacturing for medical purposes but also install an extraction plant that will allow the production of the final distillates and oils on site. This addition to the facility at El Passo provides a 360 approach from seed to final product allowing all aspects of the production process in house whilst also providing an extraction plant that is able to receive dried flower from other cultivators in Africa and beyond all being processed under license at El Passo.

Shaun Potgeiter, Head of Operations at El Passo said “A fully GMP certified extraction facility is the gold standard in the cultivation of medical cannabis. Not only does it allow us to produce the exact oils and distillates we have been growing towards, it does so under the license and label of El Passo, affording us the opportunity to grow and ultimately manufacture products for specific medical treatments and other applications all on one site. We have already secured a state-of-the-art CO2 extraction plant that will be delivered and installed in due course and we very excited to commence this new stage of the company’s development.”

Lee Farbrace, Managing Partner of Orange RiverWealth LLP and CEO of Orange River Capital declared “This is a huge step forward in the operational growth of Greengrow Capital and one we are delighted has happened way ahead of schedule. This opens considerable new revenue paths for the facility and paves the way to eventually enter the well sought afterE.U. marketplace which we are extremely keen to take advantage of. This fantastic addition places the El Passo facility at the centre of the burgeoning African medical cannabis industry.”