Orange River Wealth specialises in sourcing projects within emerging market sectors and as such with high growth potential.

We tandem this growth strategy alongside a deliverable return on investment throughout our involvement in the projects’ lifecycle, often with a fixed income structure, allowing both capital providers and project developers defined commitments that are both viable and appealing for all partners.

Our target investment horizons are predominantly in the mid-term, desirably 5-7 years from conception, providing the most optimal conditions for the project and investors requirements to be fulfilled. Deploying a research led approach, we firstly identify market sectors that display the characteristics of burgeoning potential, whether an entirely new field, new technology or a disruptive addition to a traditional industry, subsequently conducting a thoroughly rigorous assessment before seeking the best placed position within the sector of choice.

Burgeoning Markets

New Technologies

Disruptive Innovations

Exponential Growth Curve

Fixed Income

Defined Exit

Ground-breaking Medicinal Cannabis Investment

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